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Our game database has hundreds upon hundreds of games for the ESL classroom. Crunched for time? Have a difficult high-school class? You can organize our database by age-level and focus, time limit and materials. Check out our Sunday Featured Games for the latest cool games. If you see a game you like, or if you're interested in contributing games for the world, you can sign-up for free and start adding and saving your favorite games today! If your old ESL classroom material is gathering dust, it's easy to sell textbooks online. If you need some help writing, writers from PapersMart.net will write my essay on any topic!

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If you become a user, you'll have the opportunity to become apart of the fastest growing ex-pat and native online community in Taiwan. Join for free today and start expanding your public profile. Post to our language exchange to find new friends and learn new languages. Add games and contribute to the site to earn points and move up in the food-chain of TaiwanEnglish. As you grow, you'll get unique and exciting benefits. Don't hesitate: Sign-up and start finding friends and students!

A Foreigner's Guide to Taiwan

We've spent many weeks compiling a series of informative pages on Taiwan for foreigners coming here to teach. Wondering what to bring? Have questions on ESL schools in Taiwan? Just curious about the toilet situation? Read through our Guide to Taiwan for the answers to your pressing questions. (Also see our award-winning receipt lottery page. Just let us know if you win: We could use a patron.) Get your essay written overnight. If you stuck with your term paper try MyPaperWriter.com - essay writing service for ESL students.

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Latinis Italian Bistro Debbies American Diner Feebies Brick Oven Pizzaria
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