TaiwanEnglish Web Design Team

Founded in 2009, TaiwanEnglish.com is meant to bring dedicated teachers together in a community of shared games and experiences. Once upon a time, a young American was dreaming of a more efficient way to provide fun and educational experiences to his ESL students in Taiwan. Perhaps this would have remained a dream, if his close friend and web-designing associate in Michigan had not been there to answer the call. What if teachers could come together to create a searchable, user-generated database of games? The question was asked. We've been pushing forward ever since.


While our experience comes from teaching ESL in Taiwan, we hope this site can push beyond those geographical boundries and provide all teachers with good ways to break up the monotony of memorizing and repetition. And if there is a specific point your class is strugling with: spelling, grammer, writing... you can find just the game you're looking for.

Taiwan English: your first and last stop for classroom games.

Need a Webdesign Team?

Like the design of our site? Want to build your own website, but don't know where to get started? The makers of TaiwanEnglish are happy to help you with your brilliant web-idea. Our crack team of web designers and marketing professionals can give your site a place and a name in days! Simply send an e-mail to info@taiwanenglish.com with the subject "Web Design" with your questions. We will give you some tips and an effective, low-cost option for building your site: us.