Debbies American Diner

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Debbies American Diner has a host of delicious American fare. From the hamburgers to the "burrittos" which are actually tacos, you can find delicious food at a great price. The atmosphere is classic American diner, and Debby is always there and smiling behind the counter. Her English is wonderful and the menu is fully in English.

This is such a great place to come if you are looking for a true American experience. Why not spend the day hanging with friends, watching American movies, you could have a few games of PartyPoker ( or watch some American football? To top off your very American day, this restaurant is the perfect place to come.

If you have not travelled to America before this a chance to get a taste of the food you can expect to find there. If you have been, eating a burger will take you right back...

Tue ~ Fri Am10:30 ~ Pm10:00
Sat & Sun Am9:00 ~ Pm10:00
‧Closed on Mondays

Phone Number: 03-3151019

Da You Road,
Taoyuan, Taiwan 330
(Near the Foreign Mall on Da You)




地址 桃園市 大有路419號  




  ‧週二 ~ 週五 Am10:30 ~ Pm10:00
‧週六、週日 Am9:00 ~ Pm10:00
‧Tue ~ Fri Am10:30 ~ Pm10:00
‧Sat & Sun Am9:00 ~ Pm10:00
‧Closed on Mondays

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