Syllable Race

Age Range: Elementary - High School +  
Added By: Athena  
This is an awesome game to play with students as Taiwanese sometimes have problems with pronunciation and add extra syllables to words (for example: o-range (2 syllables) becomes o-ran-ge (3 syllables). You will probably need to explain what a syllable is and give some examples first. You begin my drawing a table on the board with 6 lines. The first line is marked with 1 and the last line is marked with 6+. A category/topic is given and foreign teacher writes in answers for one team and native teacher writes in answers for the other. *N.B* adjectives and verbs are not allowed. For example...if the topic is animals...students may not submit 'big green jumping frog' and pass it off as 5 syllables. The team which completes its table first is the winner. Suggested topics: - Animals (although once someone gets 'hippopotamus' they become the instant winners) - McDonald's Menu (a big favorite) - Places - Things - Drinks (you'd be surprised how often you get 'Taiwan Beer' for 3 syllables) - Food - Things in a ______ (library, supermarket, school, etc...) - Countries (this is late yellow book to the WOW levels or more advanced students) - Cities (this is late yellow book to the WOW levels or more advanced students) I've had great success with this game.
Teaching Purposes: Speaking
Materials: Markers
Dry Erase Board

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