Wheel of Fortune

Age Range: Kindergarten - High School +  
Added By: Athena  
This game is very versatile as it can be played in a very basic form with late kindergarten (after they have started spelling) and at a more difficult level with the more advanced students. It can be used to review new vocabulary words or QAs. Write the following on the board: 1 - $200 2 - $500 3 - X (explain NO GO for younger kids and write 'Lose a Turn' for older kids) 4 - $1000 5 - $3000 6 - Bye Bye $$$ (use money instead of $$$ or write Bankrupt for the older kids) The rest works like Hang Man. Choose a word, sentence or phrase and draw a line for each letter in that word, sentence or phrase. Example: Yesterday = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Split the classroom up into two teams. One student from each team rolls the dice (after PSS determines the winner). They guess a letter and you fill in the spaces accordingly while also tallying up their earnings. $2000 bonus is awarded for solving the puzzle. This game is great because it also reviews number and basic math skills.
Teaching Purposes: Spelling
Math skills and numbers review
Materials: Markers
Dry Erase Board
Big Dice

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