Eraser Race

Age Range: Kindergarten - Elementary  
Added By: Athena  
This game is used mainly to review plurals (and also listening skills). You will require two white board erasers instead of one Before class begins you will need to draw several pictures on the white board. Draw for example 1 dog and then 2 dogs (at random places on the white board). Use animals, things, people and irregular plurals for advanced levels (mouse / mice). Separate the class into two teams. Have one student from each team come to the front of the class. Draw a line or set a starting point of some sort. Say a word. The first student to erase the correct picture wins a point for his/her team. One point penalty is given to a student who erases the wrong picture. Students can get quite excited and this game can become a bit like a full contact sport at times.
Teaching Purposes: Vocabulary
Materials: Markers
Dry Erase Board

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