Memory Match

Age Range: Elementary - High School +  
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This game can be used to suit a variety of purposes. It can be used to review new vocabulary, word associations and of course...memory skills. Draw a 5x4 grid on the whiteboard (draw a bigger grid if you want to include more words). Have corresponding answer grid ready on a piece of paper in front of you or in your lesson plan book (so students cannot see). Divide the class up into two teams. PSS determines which team chooses first. Each student must choose two squares in the grid (for example...student says A5 and B4). You write the answer in the corresponding box and then erase them after a few seconds. Students keep going until a match is made. You may constitute two of the same word a match or make it more difficult by making it a match between associated/connected words. For example: Christmas and tree. Halloween and Pumpkin, etc...
Teaching Purposes: Speaking
Materials: Markers
Dry Erase Board

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