Save the class and electrocute the teacher

Age Range: Kindergarten - Middle School  
Added By: Sillyteacher82  
A class vs teacher game which I started playing with my K1 class to spice up teaching sight words. Great for listening/reading recognition. Use for any vocab. Write a word in big bold letters on a piece of A4 paper. Get the class to repeat a few times and then stick the word to a child's chest or back (more difficult/more fun). Do this with 6-8 words. Explain to the class that when the teacher shouts a word, the teacher will then try to capture the person wearing the word. The class must quickly form a circle around this person to protect them. To make it really fun, I tell my class they form an electric fence when the circle is completely closed (hands held, no gaps). They really enjoy electrocuting the teacher. Who wouldn't.
Teaching Purposes: Vocabulary
Very fun!
Materials: Paper
Sticky tape. Pen.

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