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You've made the decision to come to Taiwan. Congratulations! Now you have a ton of questions. As foreigners living and teaching in Taiwan, we'll try to answer some of those. If you don't wish to read all of the guide pages, please look at the frequently asked questions below to quickly find the information you need. Click on a question: the answer will be at the top of your internet browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to teach in Taiwan?
How much money can I earn?
How much money can I save?
Is it expensive to live in Taiwan?
What should I look for in a school?
Is Taiwan discriminatory?

How much money should I bring?
Can I use my cell phone?
What's the cheapest way to call home?
What foods are unavailable in Taiwan?
Do I really need to bring my diploma?

How much does it cost to send money home?
How can I open a bank account?

What is the tax rate for foreign teachers?

Should I have health insurance?
Can I drink the water?
What are hospitals like?

How can I send mail from Taiwan?
Should I know my Chinese address?

What's the weather like?
When is the best time to visit?
How can I prepare for Typhoons?
Is the pollution dangerous?

How can I buy a scooter?
What's the deal with insurance?
What kind of maintenance is neccessary?
Can I rent a scooter?

What license do I need to drive in Taiwan?
What are the traffic laws?
How much are traffic tickets?

Public Transportation
What kinds of transportation are available?
How much is a taxi ride?
Do I tip my cabbie?
Can drivers speak English?
What's up with the trains?

You will notice in some of our pages we have links to Amazon products. When you click those products and buy something from Amazon, we get a percentage of that money. This helps us with the hosting costs and time costs of running the site, but all these products are things I would genuinely recommend you have. I myself have bought many of these products, including the skype wi-fi phone, which, coupled with my country plan to call home, has let me talk to my family a ton. For more transparency, you can also see the full list of products we endorse.

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