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What's With These Animals?

In an attempt to make TaiwanEnglish a little more fun and engaging for its users, we've implemented the TaiwanEnglish Animal All-Stars program to best match you with an animal who represents your core image. After signing-up with TaiwanEnglish, you'll receive your animal, noticeable in its position at the top of your browser. Don't get too attached! As you add games to your favorites list and extend your profile, you'll gain karma points. The more Karma you receive, the higher you will move up through the food chain, revealing new and exciting features and rewards!

What are Karma Points?

By doing good things of course! You can move up the food chain by visiting the site, adding games, commenting on games and other special opportunities. Begin now by signing-up and receive your first animal, the TaiwanEnglish Make an Effort Mouse! As you move through the ranks, you'll also receive special incentives and abilities as we further develop the site. Perhaps a special wallpaper or the ability to push your resume to the top of the heap of teachers. Want to place an ad on our site or a birthday announcement? Keep that animal moving, because you just may be able to do it.

The TaiwanEnglish Animal All-Stars

Animal All-Star
cute mouse rank 1
The Make an Effort Mouse
Level 1
cute duck rank 2
The Decent Duck
Level 2
cute frog rank 3
The Philanthropic Frog
Level 3
cute kitten rank 4
The Courageous Kitten
Level 4
cute bat rank 5
The Bat of Eternity
Level 5
cute dog rank 6
The Dragon-Hearted Dog
Level 6
cute penguin rank 7
The Philosophic Penguin
Level 7
cute fox rank 8
The Foxy Fox
Level 8
cute toucan rank 9
Totally Amazing Toucan
Level 9
cute elephant rank 10
The Omniscient Elephant
Level 10
cute panda rank 11
The Panda of Unity
Level 11
question mark rank
A Mythical Creature
Level 12