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Playdough Kill the Guy

Bring some play dough to school and either you or your students build a little man out of it. Put the man up at the front of the board and divide the class into two teams. Number each student. Ask the students some questions to involve English, then explain the point system: one point for hitting a limb, two points for the body, and five points for hitting the head of the playdough man. Give the first two students sticky balls and let them throw. If they hit or miss, doesn't matter, the next student from the team comes up to throw. Play for three minutes and keep score!

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Name Letter Bye-Bye Survivor

Have all the students come up and write their names on the board with clean, good letters. Students come up, play rock-paper-scissors or answer a question. The winner gets to roll the dice to determine how many, or just choose one letter, to erase. Then the loser gets to go. Students keep going until only one name remains: s/he is the winner!

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Sentence Read Fill in the Blank

This is a good game to play with the advanced students. Divide the class into two teams and bring up a student from both sides. Have the students turn away from the board. Your co-teacher can ask the class some Q/A questions while you write a sentence up on the board and leave one word blank: i.e. "The _____ chair is under the table." When you say "turn," students must turn and read the sentence, filling in the blank. First student to do so successfully wins! Make sentences harder for more advanced classes, or require specific categories i.e. "colors, animals, places," etc.

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Yes/No Questions

Everyone stands up, two teams. Students must ask yes or no questions to the teacher. If the answer is "yes," the team gets two points. If the answer is "no," the team gets one point. The fastest side gets an extra three points.