Teaching Materials


If you have ever made a worksheet for movie day or to challenge your classes, this is the place for it! Find activities for one-on-one classes, large high-school classes, and more. Worksheets are designed to advance vocabulary and grammar. Use these for every ESL classroom you teach!

Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Worksheet
Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Worksheet Answers
Martin Luther King Jr."I Have a Dream" Full Speech
Movie "Going to the Movies" Conversation Worksheet

Movie "Going to the Movies" Vocabulary Worksheet

Plurals and Past Tense Grammar Worksheet
Simile and Show Don't Tell Writing Exercise (Thanks Sue Z!)

Attack on Duck Lake: A Simple Story by 12-year-old Gerald Gordinier
Directions for Teaching Story-Writing with Attack on Duck Lake

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A collection of flashcards.

Letters A-E Flashcards (Thanks Alex Guppy!)
Numbers 1-6 Flashcards (Thanks Alex Guppy!)

Narrated Stories:

The Generous Tree: An Intermediate Story Modeled after the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
The Generous Tree 1 (Audio)
The Generous Tree 2 (Audio)
The Generous Tree 3 (Audio)
The Generous Tree 4 (Audio)
The Generous Tree 5 (Audio)

Activities, Facts, and Other Materials

These are some fun activities and fact to amaze your students with. The Find Someone activity is great to break the ice in larger, older classes. Students will go around and try to find some interesting facts about others. They'll find new friends along the way!

Behind the Green Glass Door Game (Thanks Justin Krause!)
Find Someone Who... Activity
American and English Idioms
More English Idioms in Sentences
Strange But True Facts


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